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Corrupted, deleted or reformatted partitions pose no problem for you if you have Partition Recovery, which supports: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, NTFS4 and NTFS5

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1. PartitionRecoverybyDiskInternals

Corrupted, deleted or reformatted partitions pose no problem for you if you have DiskInternals Partition Recovery, which supports: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, NTFS4 and NTFS.

2. TestDisk

3. Disk Drill
Disk Drill is a data recovery software that easily protects your files from accidental deletion with Recovery Vault and recovers lost data from disks. Disk Drill supports most of storage drives, file types and file systems. Disk Drill for Mac OS X recovers deleted files from iPhone and Android devices! This data recovery software can also find duplicate files, clean your disk and visualize disk space usage; offers bootable data recovery drive, byte-to-byte backups, disk health monitoring, and more. When something is deleted Recovery Vault makes it possible to recover not only the file itself, but also its properties, such as original file name, location, etc. So you will always be able to recover data from files system (HFS/HFS+) & FAT32 partitions. Disk Drill also includes powerful S.M.A.R.T. disk monitoring right out-of-the-box; you can monitor your disks' hardware status and get automatic notifications of potential failures or other issues. If a disk or partition is failing, you can easily backup it into a disk image (DMG) which can later be mounted for recovery. ...

4. DiskGenius
DiskGenius, previously PartitionGuru, is full-featured partition manager, which is designed to optimize disk usage for Windows users.Feature:#- Data and Partitions Recovery.#- Manage Hard Drive: * Resize / Split Partition. * One-click partition a hard drive. * Complete Wipe Partition. * Create / Format Partition (It supports NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 file systems.) * Create WinPE Bootable Disk.#- Disk or Partition Conversion: * Convert MBR/GPT Disk. * Convert Dynamic/Basic Disk. * Convert Primary/Logical Drive. * Convert Virtual Disk Format like VMware ".VMDK", Virtual PC ".VHD" and Virtual Box ".VDI". * Convert USB disk to FDD or ZIP mode so as to build bootable DOS system).#- Disk or Partition Clone Wizard.#- Back up system partition and other system related partitions, including system files, boot files, settings, applications, etc.#- UEFI Compatibility.#- Disk Utilities: (Check & Repair Bad Sectors, View S.M.A.R.T. Information, Permanently Delete Files, Erase Free Space, Hex Editor, Check 4K Alignment, Format USB Drive In Batch, Rebuild MBR, Check Partition Table Error,Support LVM)....

5. Hetman Partition Recovery
Undelete files, unformat partitions and recover corrupted hard drives with easy step-by-step wizards. A single, all-in-one solution will take care of all your disk and data recovery needs. Hetman Partition Recovery can unerase deleted files and folders, recover files from formatted, corrupted, repartitioned and inaccessible storage media. In addition, Hetman Partition Recovery offers a comprehensive set of tools to rebuild damaged volumes and partitions, fix corrupted file systems and restore hard disks back to full operation....

6. Partition Find and Mount
Partition Find & Mount implements a new concept of deleted or lost partition recovery. It works in the most convenient way possible — by locating and mounting partitions into the system, thus making those lost partitions available to you like any generic disk volume. Partition Find & Mount will also work in case any Boot Record (including the Master Boot Record) is missing, damaged or overwritten. The free version is only for personal use and has a limit - 512 KB/s

7. EaseUS Partition Recovery
EaseUS Partition Recovery, a free and easy-to-use partition recovery software to recover deleted or lost partition, takes up one of the best partition recovery software for you to keep owing to the following features: - Free for both home and commercial users. - Use it with ease: a wizard interface walks you through all the partition recovery process. - Recover deleted or lost partition quickly and easily. - Offer several optional scan areas helps locate the lost partition quickly. - Support FAT, NTFS, Ext2/Ext3 file system. - Support IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI drives. - Bootable disk based on WinPE - Support Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7....

8. R-Linux

9. SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor
Recover damaged disks and lost partitions with SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor.Accidentally deleted files or folders? Formatted a hard disk by mistake? SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor will heal your hard drive, cure partition tables and boot records, restore corrupted files and repair directory structure completely automatically!The Windows built-in disk-checking tools fix simple problems, but cannot help if something severe happens. Scandisk was never designed to fix severe damage or to re-create lost directory structures if you formatted a disk.

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